Medication Therapy Management Program (MTMP)

Want to get the greatest benefit from your medication?

Check out the Alterwood Advantage Medication Therapy Management Program (MTMP). MTMP helps you with understanding your medication(s) and using them safely. By following your prescribed medication(s), we anticipate you will:

  • Improve your overall health and well-being
  • Adopt good medication use habits and optimize adherence
  • Avoid or decrease drug-related side effects and adverse events such as a visit to the emergency room or admission to the hospital.

Do you qualify for the MTMP?

We will automatically enroll you in the Alterwood Advantage Medication Therapy Management Program (MTMP), at no cost to you, if all three (3) conditions apply:

  1. You take eight (8) or more Medicare Part D covered drugs,
  2. You have three or more of the following health conditions:
    Alzheimer’s Disease
    Autoimmune Disorders
    Bone Disease-Arthritis-Osteoarthritis (2024)
    Bone Disease-Arthritis-Osteoporosis
    Cardiovascular Disorders
    Chronic Noncancer Pain
    End-Stage Liver Disease
    End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
    Respiratory Disease-Chronic Lung Disorders
    Respiratory Disease-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  3. You are likely to reach $5,330 in 2024 ($4,935 for 2023) or exceed this amount in your annual prescription drug costs paid by you and the plan.

The MTMP is not a benefit for all members. This program is open only to those who are invited to participate and meet the qualifications described above.  Participation is free of charge, voluntary, and does not affect your coverage.

Services included in the Medication Therapy Management Program (MTMP)

MTMP provides you with:
Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)Targeted Medication Review (TMR)
A CMR is a one-on-one discussion with a pharmacist, to answer questions and address concerns you have about the medications you take, including:
  • Prescription drugs

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines

  • Herbal therapies

  • Dietary supplements and vitamins
A TMR is where we mail or fax suggestions to your doctor every three months about prescription drugs that may be safer or work better than your current drugs.
The MTMP Pharmacist or Nurse will offer ways to manage your conditions with the drugs you take. If more information is needed, the pharmacist may contact your prescribing doctor. A CMR review takes about 30 minutes and is usually offered once a year—if you qualify. As always, your prescribing doctor will decide whether to consider our suggestions. Your prescription drugs will not change unless you and your doctor decide to change them.
***** At the end of your discussion with the pharmacist, you will receive two (2) documents:
Personal Medication List: A list of the medications you reviewed with the pharmacist during your CMR.Medication Action Plan: This typically includes any suggestions from the pharmacist during your medication review which can be reviewed with your doctor during your next visit.
To track your prescriptions here is a blank copy of the Personal Medication List
(Keep these documents and share them with your doctor(s), other health care providers, family, and/or caregivers.)


If you qualify, we will mail you a letter letting you know that you qualify for the MTMP. Soon after, you may receive a call from a MTMP Care Navigator team member (Care Navigator, Pharmacist, or Nurse) inviting you to schedule a one-on-one medication review at a convenient time.

An MTMP Pharmacist will call you to complete a comprehensive medication review (CMR). The MTMP pharmacist will discuss the prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) products you are taking. You may also mention any concerns or questions you have.

Alterwood encourages you to speak with the MTMP pharmacist. The pharmacist will mail to you a personal medical list and medication action plan that you can share with your provider(s).

Different doctors may write prescriptions for you without knowing all the prescription drugs and/or OTC medications, herbal therapies, dietary supplements, and vitamins you take. A pharmacist can:
- Discuss how your prescription drugs may be affected by the OTC medications, herbal therapies, dietary supplements, and vitamins you take. The effectiveness of some medications may also be affected by certain foods you eat.
- Identify side effects that may be caused by the drug itself or interactions between drugs or foods; and offer suggestions to help.
- Help you get the most benefit from all your prescription drugs and OTC medications.
- Review opportunities to help you reduce your prescription drug costs.

Talking with an MTMP pharmacist helps benefit you in many ways. The pharmacists can:
- Help confirm that you are taking your prescription medications and OTC drugs safely.
- Give an opportunity to lower your out-of-pocket prescription drug cost by allowing the pharmacist to look for ways to help save you money.

Want to get more information about the Medication Therapy Management Program (MTMP)?

Please contact us if you would like additional information about our MTMP, or if you do not want to participate after being enrolled in the program.  Our toll-free number is 1-866-342-2183 (TTY: 711), 8:30 AM to 6 PM, ET, Monday through Friday.